Recover Password

To access the administration area for your PaybyPlateMa account, you will be asked to enter your credentials. In order to view your account balance and transaction history, you need need a valid login to PaybyPlateMa.


Only registered car owners may make payments through PaybyPlateMa using this login page. Without having to stop at any of the toll booths, EZ Drive’s MA service makes it much more convenient to drive through Massachusetts.

To make a payment, just visit and register with some basic information. Meeting the minimum requirements will allow you full access to this site and all of its features.

Reset PaybyPlateMa Login Password

If you’ve lost your password and don’t feel like racking your brain for a solution, you may follow these simple steps. Using this approach, you may easily change your password and then log in using the new one.

  • You should go to and then click the “Forgot Password” option.
  • Is there a box I can tick that says “Registered User” someplace I can find it? To retrieve your lost password, check this box and then choose Recover Account Password.
  • To reset your password, please visit the website linked below. A request for your email address will be made using these two boxes.
  • Passwords can be reset by providing and verifying an other email address.
  • A fresh password is on its way to your inbox. It is now possible to log in to your Pay By Plate MA account with this updated password.
  • Keep using whatever services you were using previously.

For this reason, the PaybyPlateMa online payment account password reset procedure will show you how easy it is to follow. Passwords should be difficult for others to guess without being difficult for you to remember.