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It’s important to remember, though, that drivers from other nations are taken into consideration by the toll system as well. Online transactions need the use of a debit or credit card. Add your bank account number and other financial details here.


The authorised PaybyPlateMa website is where tolls may be paid. Invoices are compiled with the use of video recordings of the panels.

If you already have the method of payment, you should never utilise the pay by phone service. You can send a check, money order, or cashier’s check to the following addresses in the US:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

EZDriveMA Payment Processing Center

P.O. Box – 847840


MA 02284-840

EZDrive MA Customer Service Center

P.O. Box 8007

Reddish-brown, MA 01501-8007

Customer Service Pay By Plate MA

EZDrive Customer Service Center

P.O. Box 8007

Reddish brown

Massachusetts 01501-8007

EZDriveMA Customer Service Center

27 Midstate Drive Auburn

MA 01501 – 1800

Fax: 508-786-5222

Email[email protected]


If you require assistance logging into your PaybyPlateMa account, please email us at the following address:

EZDriveMA Customer Service Center,

P.O. Box 8007,


Massachusetts 01501-8007

If you want to use a video recording of a licence plate as payment, you can do so at the official licence plate website,

The site is a cutting-edge technology achievement that facilitates management’s oversight of drivers across the state. PaybyPlateMa’s real-time help might be useful for customers who find waiting in large queues to pay for parking to be an inconvenience.